Turtle Love Co.

If you’ve been wondering about that little badge on the right that marks me as a Vintage Style Council member, this post is for you!!

I’ve long admired local jewelry company, Turtle Love Co. Based in Portland, ME, the company heralds the independent and the vintage, two things that appeal to my old boutique sensibilities (If you’re a new follower and unfamiliar with Clarabella… just ask. I love talking about it!!) I first met TLC head honcho, Adrianne, while I was still working with emilie inc. We got together a few times to talk shop and after a wonderful brainstorming session that led to even more discussion back at the TLC headquarters, the Vintage Style Council was born. We are a lovely collection of bloggers — a few design mavens, a few fashionistas, a few culinary goddesses — all with our own unique voices brought together in support of this awesome little company.

I’ve created two Pinterest boards inspired by pieces in TLC’s vintage collection. They’ve both been featured on the TLC blog and I hope you’ll take a moment to check them out! Makes for some fabulous afternoon browsing;).

the Adelle Diamond Engagement Ring :: on the TLC blog :: A Little Romance via pinterest

the Ellie Diamond Engagement Ring :: on the TLC blog :: Honoring Ellie via pinterest

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