The Sawyer Bag

I have the privilege of working with some pretty fab ladies on a day-to-day basis. You’ll see what I mean once I finally fill out my ‘favorites’ page;). One of these fab ladies is Sara Lawson, voice of Sew Sweetness. I first ‘met’ Sara back in January through work and a billion e-mail exchanges, but actually got to meet her face to face and give her a giant hug at Spring Quilt Market. She is awesome — incredibly talented, insanely modest. She is one of those women who somehow manages to be in 20 different places at once, leaving the rest of us to wonder how she could possibly manage. Talk about inspiring;). Also, she actually brought my dog a present when we met at Quilt Market. How COOL is that?

[a very small sampling of some of Sara’s creations — click here for a ton of awesome tutorials]

Sara designed a new bag for a project we’re working on. She very sweetly named it The Sawyer Bag after my pup and then she asked me to be a pattern tester! I was so excited to have the opportunity and it was really the first time that I made a ‘proper’ bag, all interfaced and lovely and structured and grown-up. That is, if grown-up = hot pink zebra fabric;).

It took me a few hours to make the bag. Honestly, the cutting and the fusing take up the most time. The sewing felt almost secondary and came together pretty quickly. That could all be because I hate the cutting part and am new to the fusing part. That said, Sara’s pattern was so easy to follow and she explained things in such a way that it’s super beginner-friendly. It calls for Pellon®‘s Batting, SF101 Shape-Flex®, 805 Wonder-Under® and ST-805 Wonder-Under® tape. So sure, maybe I’m a little work biased, but including the interfacing and batting really does make a difference with the finished product. I love the look of the O-rings.I love the fabrics — Jane and Lauralee from Sis Boom/Jennifer Paganelli’s Superfly Collection. Take a peek at Sara’s how-to right here. Oh, and her tutorial was also a part of bag-week over at A Lemon Squeezy Home, so you’ll want to take a peek at that one too. The only adjustment I made was to add an inside pocket. I’m mad for pockets;).

Thanks so much, Sara, for trusting me with your pattern and helping me along the way:).



  1. Barbara Grandolfo says:

    Hi Erin, Loved this post AND perhaps it went right by me, but I don’t think I knew this was called The Sawyer Bag. That guy has many fans. Love, Mom

    “All your past except its beauty is gone, and nothing is left but a blessing.” ACIM

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