My Covert Robin

I’ve been a silent little lovely as of late, but rest assured, I’ve also been a busy bee;). I’ve been sewing up a storm and doing my very best to throw myself head first into the amazing world of textiles, sewing & quilting. Sure, it’s a faction of my job, but man oh man have I fallen in love with this world. Who knew I loved sewing this much? Not just sewing, but creating in general… sewing, stenciling, arranging… it’s addicting in the best of ways.

There’s loads to share, really, but I’ll get started with the Covert Robin. Coolest event name ever? It’s possible. The event was created by Rachael of Imagine Gnats and is a round-robin gift exchange of handmade presents. You sign up, get to make something special for another blogger, and then receive a handmade present from a mystery gifter (a “covert robin”). It’s a pretty awesome idea and I couldn’t help but get involved this year. My ‘host’ was Clara of Clover & Violet, another favorite sewing blog of mine. She was super nice and helpful and I’m grateful to her for guiding me through my first covert exchange!


My giftee was the lovely Louise, aka ‘Weas’, of the blog Weasinart. I did a little research and found that she’s really a Renaissance woman of sorts. She sews, bakes, makes jewelry and is just generally crafty. I wanted to make her something special that she would also be handy and helpful. After some careful consideration, I decided on the Artisan Apron by Rachael Gander for Pellon®. I made a few modifications and opted for a large patch pocket in the front so that I had a mini canvas on which to embroider Weas’s logo. I added two wooden spoons and a little bit of Maine Maple Syrup and sent the package on it’s way. I hear that Weas was thrilled, which brings a giant grin to my face.


I also received a package from my talented gifter, Jennifer from Busy Being Jennifer. This absolute sweetheart made me my very own embroidered owl wall art. I adore it and it will be hanging on my office wall as soon as I repaint.


Have you ever considered an exchange? It’s a great way to meet new friends, learn about new techniques, develop new skills and test your creativity a bit.



  1. This is such a wonderful post. I wish there were one for knitters. ☺

  2. This one sounds like so much fun! Was there a time limit?

    • It was lots of fun! We got our assignments on March 3 and had to mail out our gifts by March 31, so it was about a month. Just enough time to do a little research and make something without feeling rushed;).

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