The Birthday Pup

Before I dive right in and accost you with a billion photos of my awesome dog (welcome to my Facebook feed!) let me say this: I know I’m a bit over-the-top about this pup. The thing is, he is my little partner-in-crime. I work from home and he hangs out with me every day. We head out every couple of hours and run around the yard until we’re tired and then come back in so I can work and he can pass out, snoring, on the chair to my left. He is loving, sweet, hilarious, energetic and fearless and Jason and I love every single moment with him.

We first started talking about getting a dog shortly after we got married. We both grew up with dogs and I’d been wanting to get one for years. I started obsessing over and when we stumbled upon Sawyer’s (previously known as Groovy!) sweet little face, we knew he was the one for us (see photo below on the left). We put the application in immediately with Peace & Paws Dog Rescue and anxiously awaited news. I’m pretty sure we both did a happy dance when we got the acceptance email. We picked him up from Rescue Riders Transport in NH after his long journey up from Alabama. I have to give both Peace & Paws and Rescue Riders a HUGE shout-out here. They are amazing and have changed the lives of countless dogs and people. Sawyer was one of an adorable litter of pups, many of whom made the journey North with him. (There is a photo below of a few of them together for a puppy reunion we had over the Summer.) From the moment he was placed in my arms — all 10lbs of him — we were hooked. He snuggled either on my shoulder or on Jason’s chest (depending on who was driving) the whole way home. Talk about the best decision we ever could have made!

Over the last 10 months since he first came into our lives (we got him at 2 months old, on Dec. 16) Sawyer has made quite a mark;). Watching him play with our nieces & nephews (from 2 all the way up to 13!) is both hilarious and adorable. Two of the youngest girls regularly ask for him by name. He gives kisses like it’s his job and says more with his eyes than some people do with their words. He’s smart as a whip and will pick a specific toy out of a pile if you ask him to. He gets insanely excited when particular people come to visit and perks his ears up every time he hears their names. And, nothing beats the welcome that Jason gets every single day when he gets home from work. Barking, tail-wagging, butt-shaking, doggie-kissing awesomeness.

Today we celebrate the first birthday of our dear little (ahem, 70lb) Sawyer. We love you buddy!! Happy Birthday!

[So many people have asked what kind of dog he is and the short answer is: we’re not 100% sure. His mom, Marilyn Monroe (now living with one of Sawyer’s guardian angels down South), looks to be at least part Pit Bull. We think he might have some Lab, but have also been wondering about Chow Chow as well. We do know that he is 100% awesome;)]

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